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Why We Need to Eat Together


Friends who eat together are said to stay together – and this cannot be more true. Gathering together around a table is one way of showing how interested and happy you are to share food with your friends. While it is normal for families to eat together, friends who don’t see each other daily see gastro-conviviality as a great way to catch up. In such moments, the table itself switches its status as mere furniture and becomes a metaphorical axis for friendship around which relationships strengthen, stories unfold, memories build.

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SIMONA RIZZI | Self-portrait of an Italian in Bucharest


June 2017. A warm, sunny afternoon. A bowl of fleshy, tasty, in-season cherries. Strong, brewed coffee in small, delicately hand-painted cups. Little objets déco, lamps, vintage mirrors, books, plants, upscale fabrics and textures, pieces of furniture, all around, settled quietly, each their own place. Overall tranquility. And a sense of melancholy. All interrupted once in a while by the insistent barking of Yoshi, the cute and so-lucky kennel rescue doggie, obstinately asking for attention. In the comfy sitting-room of her house – design studio with its tall ceilings and windows through which the light of the beginning of summer avidly slips in, Simona Rizzi unfolds her life story openly, nostalgically, in a charming mélange of Romanian, Italian, English and French.

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GREENS POWER | The Art of Living with Plants


Botanical is one epithet that describes the present times accurately. Green plant motifs are ubiquitous and city dwellers seem to have an insatiable desire to be in the proximity of greenery, whether at home, at work, in coffee places, stores, restaurants. It also relates to a penchant for vintage and a revival of the mid-century aesthetics and mood, which boasts an abundance of indoor plants as one of its main features.

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