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CONVIVIALITY, a word with etymological roots in Latin- L convivialis < convivium, a feast < convivere, to celebrate together < com-, together + vivere, to live – and originally describing human gatherings around a feast or banquet, in a friendly atmosphere, has continued to expand its meaning – it now pertains to many different contexts, whether domestic, work-related, or even larger organisms, such as cities. Why is it important to get together over meals? What happens when a group of friends decide to run an art space together? How inspiring and lyrical can the intimacy of a couple in their moments of togetherness be? Can bonds be created between humans and the surrounding objects or plants? How can the participation and concerted effort of individuals around the globe bring together an entire world in a 7 metre long space at the call of one artist? How the circumstantial confrérie between an artist and a group of workers led to the creation of a majestic artwork. How can clothes act as symbols of social cohesion? Stay together, share, be there for others – also retire in solitude sometimes, to ponder, to reflect – but always return to conviviality!

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Gathering table | Smells like teen spirit



Video:  Deer’s Photography

POETRY ROOM | Curator Doru Radu

in ART
I Feel My Best when Doing Laundry
by Mariusz Grzebalski

for Dorota

Because, you see, she's asleep,
and there – a mixed load of
whites, blacks, colored.

I drink wine,
read Tao Te Ching
and hear the drum of our love
spinning in the background.

Translated, from the Polish, by Doru Radu



in ART

The possibility of accidents – of errors – stimulates me. I like to learn from mistakes. The confrontation with the laws of physics and nature can place you in a very humble position. It can push you to a stress breaking point. (Jorge Peris)

Spanish artist Jorge Peris is known internationally for his site-specific installations that engage in intense conversations with the space or manipulate it through skilful choreographies of seduction. The gestation of ideas and concepts for his œuvre is often a time-consumming process given the immense amount of research and studies he needs to document it. He contextualises them after an insightful evaluation of the space like an architect assessing the site of a future project. In fact, many of his works acquire an architectural dimension, often dramatic, theatrical, overwhelming, imposing. It is also the type of work that involves your entire body – extreme physical effort, at times –, and this channels a certain personal energy into it.

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