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[LIFE: NOTES, etc.] Holiday | Life Abridged (in 7 days)


As I was lying on a beach in Thassos, I noticed a lovely couple – aged about 55-60 years old – preparing to go out at sea in an inflatable boat with motor. They were vacationing with their caravan, camped nearby on the edge of the beach. At the same time, same beach, another couple – approximately similar of age, loaded with everything but the kitchen sink -, were wandering here and there, far from relaxed, she following him who was holding a beer can. Keep Reading

TUSCOOKANY | Travel & Learn to Cook


TUSCOOKANY is a great concept that combines two of the most sought after human pleasures: travelling and food. Here, it is more precisely about learning to cook, as well – authentic Italian dishes from the savviest and most passionate of local chefs: Paola Baccetti, Franco Palandra, and Laura Giusti. In some of the most scenic venues that la bella Toscana abounds in stand the three villas – Casa Ombuto, Torre del Tartufo, Bellorcia -, where you can experience a delightfully multifaceted vacation during which, while you enjoy the splendid natural surroundings, explore towns and areas boasting history, culture, art, gastronomy, you also learn how to cook Italian-style in well-equipped kitchens, make your own pizzas al forno, savour delish, earthy meals in cantinas or marvellous table settings outdoors. Each of the locations has its unique, distinct features that coagulate around traditional design and style, which adds to the authenticity of the entire experience. Everything is designed to give you that feeling of being in an Italian family, where sharing meals and conviviality are of utmost importance and, as stated in the title of the essay below, form the very pillar of the legendary Italian sociability. A splendid cookbook – collecting 80 traditional recipes and the entire energy of Tuscany in illustrative photographs – was recently published. The last paragraph of its introduction sums up what this special cuisine is all about: “Tuscan cuisine can be simple and refined, or aristocratic and rustic, but it is always genuine and tasty, and that also applies to its delicious sweets, where memories of the past often echo, of those Middle Ages when Florence and Tuscany really were at the center of world affairs.”

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POETRY ROOM | Curator Doru Radu

in ART
The Traveling Circus 
by Russell Edson

A white-faced clown lying in the gutter like an old tennis shoe. The circus has left town…

The last time the circus left town, it left the fat lady dumped on the sidewalk like a pile of cottagecheese wearing lingerie. 

Packing and unpacking, the circus always on the move, always forgetting something. 

One time even forgetting to leave town...

** Illustration: Ștefan Câlția / The Clown, the Lady and the Magician (oil on canvas, 2011), no. inventory: 2560 // photo © Bogdan Bordeianu, courtesy: Galeria Posibilă

MADE Hotel, New York City


MADE hotel recently opened its door in the NoMad area of New York City. NoMad is an acronym for North of Madison (Square). This 18-story boutique hotel featuring 108 uniquely designed guest rooms is a hotel where you are sure to get your value. Placing priority on guest experience MADE was designed around the concept of space-sharing in communal open settings. Keep Reading

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