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March 2018

Get up. Get dressed. Get out. Get yourself alone.


Solitude is about the courage to be alone with your thoughts. No distractions, no excuses and, most of all, no fear. It’s refreshing to stop asking for validation from anyone, to just exist freely. Yes, solitude has a lot to do with freedom.

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Rue de Tokyo is a brand based in Copenhagen, combining the aesthetics from two worlds. From Japan, we are inspired by an unrivalled attention to detail and quest for perfection. From France, a commitment to craftsmanship and respect for the arts. Founded by David Andersson Sahlin in 2016, Rue de Tokyo features a natural elegance and absolute timelessness. It’s inspired by David’s life in Paris, Florence and Copenhagen. Having the utmost respect for the clients, Rue de Tokyo uses natural, organic materials and some of the world’s finest textiles.

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