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Founded by artists Andrew Kennedy and Magda DeJose, Sculpture Space NYC – located in Long Island City, NYC – is a stunning ceramics and sculpture center of 4,500 sq. feet of individual and communal workspaces, high ceilings and natural light, equipped with potter wheels, slab roller, clay extruder, electric and gas kilns, and a glaze chemistry room for its members – artists, designers and craftspeople – to experiment, learn, make, reflect and develop their artistic skills. SSNYC also provides classes, workshops and mentoring to help artists and designers develop prototypes and realize their clay-based projects.  Keep Reading


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We are the architects of our own psychological spaces. We design the spaces subconsciously, and we are also the residents in our spaces as well as in reality. Sometimes, we are lost, or get trapped in our own mental spaces; we look for the exit sign to lead the way out to a haven, a way to find inner peace. […] In my work, I invite the viewer to experience and feel the fragility and vulnerability from my own anxiety and inner fear, as well as to reflect upon their own inner struggles. At the same time, I see my work as self-reflection, and self-realization as well as a means for healing. (Xi Nan)

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SOLITUDE | The Lack of Loneliness


End of November – moist, smelling of smoke. Somewhere, a woodpecker at work. The house is warm, an invitation to day-dreaming, memories rewinding and introspection. That certain autumnal melancholic solitude – bearing a slight existential sadness. So different from the hibernal phlegmatic solitude accompanied by an aloofness as cold as the ice that designed the models on the window.

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Apart from the customary 9 months upon my arrival in this world, my very first experience with losing gravity inside a body of water was at Baile Felix (Oradea, Romania) when I was 8 years old. To lose contact with the ground and let your feet do the first desperate kicking, in order to maintain yourself above water is to find, or more likely, to regain a new skill that can give you, for the rest of your life – even while naked -, one of the most satisfying super-powers on Earth. If you strip humans from clothes, gadgets, or any other advanced (internet savvy) technology, the other powerful things left to do is run, jump, walk or crawl.

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