If you could have anyone in the world over for dinner, who would you invite?

David Sedaris or Rebecca Solnit.

Name three things you and your partner (or pet) have in common. 

We have everything in common since we’re all the same and one. 

What do you value most in a friendship? 

Honesty, openness and insight into oneself. 

How much does your neighborhood define who you are? 

As much as anything else I guess, not at all. 

Which would be the first thing you’d tell a stranger about you?

That sometimes I’m mercurial. Or used to be and that’s the scariest part of me.

What’s that feeling you have when you’re on your surfing board?

Oneness with the ocean and the universe in general. It’s the best.

What would you never give up? 

I don’t understand the question? I think letting go is a great skill though.

What’s your most treasured memory? 

All my times in the woods or the ocean and feeling loved.

What’s the scent you associate the most with your childhood? 

Pine tree syrup and clatite (Romanian-style crepes, n.b.)

If you were to say only one word about yourself, knowing that it would be the last word you could ever tell, which would that be?


Andreea Diaconu Vogue Paris June/July 2017
Photo: Cass Bird
Styled by: Véronique Didry

Interview: DAMARIS OTT

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