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[Interview] CARMEN CASIUC | Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest


What does an artistic director of an art gallery do? What are your duties and responsibilities?

I started working at Nicodim Gallery four months ago, when Mihai Nicodim proposed this collaboration having in mind to increase awareness of the gallery’s activities within the local and international art scene. It was already a known fact that Mihai has an eccentric taste and the irreverence to show artists and curatorial projects which exuberantly question the contemporary cultural and political status quo. Now we want to become even more uncomfortable and capture within the gallery space the complex dynamics of contemporary life. And that’s one of my duties: to seize new collaborations with artists of the younger generation, curators and galleries from Europe who would articulate our gallery’s discourse on contemporary art and its role today. At present, we are working on the publication of two exhibition books for The Basilisk and The Hierophant, curated by Aaron Moulton – a pseudo-scientific exercise in participative anthropology –, for which I contributed a text on self-fulfilling prophecies in our present landscape. For Ecaterina Vrana’ solo show, I wrote the exhibition text, installed the show and communicated the event. So, I ensure that our fantasies invade the reality and experiment with the challenges it brings along each day – I’ll come back with an experience journal on my first work anniversary. Keep Reading

[LIFE: NOTES, etc.] Holiday | Life Abridged (in 7 days)


As I was lying on a beach in Thassos, I noticed a lovely couple – aged about 55-60 years old – preparing to go out at sea in an inflatable boat with motor. They were vacationing with their caravan, camped nearby on the edge of the beach. At the same time, same beach, another couple – approximately similar of age, loaded with everything but the kitchen sink -, were wandering here and there, far from relaxed, she following him who was holding a beer can. Keep Reading



If you could have anyone in the world over for dinner, who would you invite?

David Sedaris or Rebecca Solnit.

Name three things you and your partner (or pet) have in common. 

We have everything in common since we’re all the same and one. 

What do you value most in a friendship? 

Honesty, openness and insight into oneself. 

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Sandwich Art Space | THE FOUR THE MERRIER


One of the most unconventional venues on the art map of Bucharest, Sandwich Art Space has recently celebrated its one year anniversary – in April 2017. Boasting the least typical, hence the most challenging exhibition space, Sandwich has succeeded in such short time to bring on the local art scene some of the most creative in-situ projects. Its very peculiar topography have dared the ingenuity of the participating artists to the maximum. Founded and run by a team formed by Daniela Pălimariu (visual artist), Alexandru Niculescu (visual artist), Cristian Răduță (visual artist) and Silviu Lixandru (art promoter), Sandwich is located in the Combinatul Fondului Plastic*, a former industrial site on its way of becoming a top cultural hub of the Romanian capital. 

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