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MADE Hotel, New York City


MADE hotel recently opened its door in the NoMad area of New York City. NoMad is an acronym for North of Madison (Square). This 18-story boutique hotel featuring 108 uniquely designed guest rooms is a hotel where you are sure to get your value. Placing priority on guest experience MADE was designed around the concept of space-sharing in communal open settings. Keep Reading

GREENS POWER | The Art of Living with Plants


Botanical is one epithet that describes the present times accurately. Green plant motifs are ubiquitous and city dwellers seem to have an insatiable desire to be in the proximity of greenery, whether at home, at work, in coffee places, stores, restaurants. It also relates to a penchant for vintage and a revival of the mid-century aesthetics and mood, which boasts an abundance of indoor plants as one of its main features.

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