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SIMONA RIZZI | Self-portrait of an Italian in Bucharest


June 2017. A warm, sunny afternoon. A bowl of fleshy, tasty, in-season cherries. Strong, brewed coffee in small, delicately hand-painted cups. Little objets déco, lamps, vintage mirrors, books, plants, upscale fabrics and textures, pieces of furniture, all around, settled quietly, each their own place. Overall tranquility. And a sense of melancholy. All interrupted once in a while by the insistent barking of Yoshi, the cute and so-lucky kennel rescue doggie, obstinately asking for attention. In the comfy sitting-room of her house – design studio with its tall ceilings and windows through which the light of the beginning of summer avidly slips in, Simona Rizzi unfolds her life story openly, nostalgically, in a charming mélange of Romanian, Italian, English and French.

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