CIRCA 1703-3071


  • Profession: Architect. Project portfolio – interior design and scenography.
  • Occupation: Since 2015, owner of Circa 1703-3071 (50 11 Iunie Str., Bucharest, RO)
  • Personality traits: Inventive, curious, enthusiastic, selective, jovial, ingenious, nature lover, travel addict, etc.

  • Circa 1703-3071: Store specialised in vintage objects, decor accessories and furniture she finds during her multiple trips all over Europe, and also objects she reconditions or reinvents out of older pieces of furniture, lamps or deco objects to which she brings back to life under various other aesthetics – e.g., the Double Trouble table the top of which is made of two old, massive wooden dresser doors. A real Cabinet of Curiosities for visitors, a venue of preference for fellow architects and interior designers in search of interesting pieces of accent for their projects. The objects are eclectic – generally covering the styles specific to the 20th century – art nouveau, mid-century, retro-70s, minimalist, etc. The ideal venue for gifts addressed to persons who appreciate unique objects, full of personality and individual history. It often hosts convivial gatherings with friends.


  • Style: Industrial. Located in a former hosiery factory, it preserves the elements specific to industrial design – iron doors with square glass panels, cement flooring, metal profiles attached the ceiling, a metal scaffolding holding an extra inner floor as a space for workshop and storage.



Photo: Deer’s Photography



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