CONVIVIALITY, a word with etymological roots in Latin- L convivialis < convivium, a feast < convivere, to celebrate together < com-, together + vivere, to live – and originally describing human gatherings around a feast or banquet, in a friendly atmosphere, has continued to expand its meaning – it now pertains to many different contexts, whether domestic, work-related, or even larger organisms, such as cities. Why is it important to get together over meals? What happens when a group of friends decide to run an art space together? How inspiring and lyrical can the intimacy of a couple in their moments of togetherness be? Can bonds be created between humans and the surrounding objects or plants? How can the participation and concerted effort of individuals around the globe bring together an entire world in a 7 metre long space at the call of one artist? How the circumstantial confrérie between an artist and a group of workers led to the creation of a majestic artwork. How can clothes act as symbols of social cohesion? Stay together, share, be there for others – also retire in solitude sometimes, to ponder, to reflect – but always return to conviviality!

Photo © Deer’s Photography



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