Get up. Get dressed. Get out. Get yourself alone.


Solitude is about the courage to be alone with your thoughts. No distractions, no excuses and, most of all, no fear. It’s refreshing to stop asking for validation from anyone, to just exist freely. Yes, solitude has a lot to do with freedom.

Take a trip down memory lane. Remember when you were young and you would go out of the city with your parents? Remember how you would stare out the window at the sight of barren fields, dried out rivers and that electrity in air right before the storm? For a second, there was only you, your thoughts and that overwelhming sense that something was missing. You felt connected and free for a second, but you were still stuck in a car, away from it all.
It’s this kind of feeling that has inspired our latest story. We wanted to create looks that felt natural and complete without all the layering, frills or accessories, but still reflect the inner chaos and restlessness in each one of us.
When shooting the editorial, we decided to retrace those childhood steps. This time, though, we just got out of the city and got carried away with the wind. Instead of staying isolated in our cars, we stopped to the places that felt the loneliest and just went with it, just followed our instincts.

Look 1 :Jumpsuit and patent leather jacket, Andra Andreescu  Boots, H&M


Look 2 : Shirt and skirt, Ioana Ciolacu,Llama fur coat, vintage Mules, Zara


Look 3:Dress, Smaranda Almasan – Molecule F Store Jacket, Andra Andreescu Shoes, H&M


Look 4 :Suit, H&M Jacket, Zara, Sandals, Zara


Look 5 :Jumpsuit, Andra Andreescu Mules, Zara


Look 6 : Jumpsuit, Chaotic Fashion – Molecule F Store Jacket, Pas du Tout – Molecule F Store, Mules, Zara

Photo:  Alex Matei
Styling :Ioana Ieremia and Ruxandra Marin
Model: Alissa from Models Under Management
Makeup: Claudiu Burca


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