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Why did you choose the Flag Halyard lounge chair designed by Hans Wegner?

I chose the Flag Halyard lounge chair designed by Hans Wegner because it is my favourite object. It was love at first sight when I saw it in Copenhagen two and a half years ago.

In your opinion, what makes it more special than other objects in the same category?

Flag Halyard was designed in the ’50s. It amazes me how a piece created almost 70 years ago feels so contemporary and modern. Its futuristic, sculptural shape is fascinating, besides being functional and very comfortable. It looks like a work of art that also happens to be useful.

How does that object relate to the other items it shares the space with?

My favorite lounge chair (the most beautiful lounge chair in the universe) is placed in the bedroom in relation to a classic fireplace, to a Bold chair by Big Game for Moustache, two acrylic glass stools by Frank Lefebvre and a DCW no. 230 floor lamp.


What does its presence stir in you on the level of aesthetics, emotions, practicality, etc.?

There are objects I just connect to. I feel emotion when I look at them. This connection stays with me – very much alive and durable. The stronger the initial joy and “butterflies in my stomach” sensation, the longer our connection. This chair is one example. My Mini Cooper is another example. Just interacting with them brings me joy.

Form vs. functionality? Generally, which comes first when you choose an object?

I am known as being “addicted to beauty” and not dependent on functionality. I have my own ways of self-manipulation, of persuading myself that a beautiful object is also comfortable, for instance. When it comes to my clients, though, I have to use my empathy, to put myself into their shoes, and – making sure the two criteria are met -, to choose accordingly.


Flag Halyard chair, design by Hans Wegner, 1950

Danish architect Hans Wegner is known in the history of design as ‘the Danish master of chair design’, being considered a pioneer of the furniture design of the 20th century. He designed over 500 chairs. The design of Flag Halyard lounge chair in 1950 and Shell chair in 1963 consolidated his reputation as the founder of the Danish Modern Movement – iconic pieces that  remain as relevant today as when they were created.

The futuristic look of this chair is an echo of early modernism (Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier), while bearing the unmistakable signature of Wegner style. The frame is made of steel, 240 m specially developed flag line forming the seat and the back. A longhaired sheepskin softens the industrial sharpness of the steel. The sheepskin is produced in Iceland and is a byproduct of food production. 

He created the armchair one hot summer day, when he and his family were on a beach. While his kids were playing in the water, Wegner built himself an armchair out of sand. Later he drew the first sketches of the chair using the seating angles that he had conceived on the beach.

Wegner was awarded several important prizes for his activity during his lifetime. The most important are Lunning Prize (1951), the Grand Prix Trienala of Milan (1951), Eckersberg medal, the 8th International Design Award (1997).

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