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Sandwich Art Space | THE FOUR THE MERRIER


One of the most unconventional venues on the art map of Bucharest, Sandwich Art Space has recently celebrated its one year anniversary – in April 2017. Boasting the least typical, hence the most challenging exhibition space, Sandwich has succeeded in such short time to bring on the local art scene some of the most creative in-situ projects. Its very peculiar topography have dared the ingenuity of the participating artists to the maximum. Founded and run by a team formed by Daniela Pălimariu (visual artist), Alexandru Niculescu (visual artist), Cristian Răduță (visual artist) and Silviu Lixandru (art promoter), Sandwich is located in the Combinatul Fondului Plastic*, a former industrial site on its way of becoming a top cultural hub of the Romanian capital. 

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This spring, the mailbox at Sandwich – the atypical art space located in the former Combinatul Fondului Plastic*, Bucharest – kept overflowing with envelopes from all over the world. In each envelope, at least one fridge magnet. The postman had a busy time delivering. The name of the space sparked a little joke in him. He’d say: “Here, yet another sandwich for Mr. Dan!” “Sandwiches” sent by prestigious art institutions, museums, galleries, kunstvereins around the globe following his request to be part of World Attractions – the unique, interactive, exhibition that Dan Perjovschi conceived also as a means to bring the art world to Sandwich and, vice versa, to put Sandwich on the map of the international contemporary art. Opened in May 11th, 2017, the exhibition expanded continuously with magnets. Even after the finissage of the exhibition – June 24th, 2017 – the magnets continued arriving. The artist plans to install the project in Sibiu, too. 

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The reunion



We’ve always been fascinated by the invisible thread that ties one human to another. The way we create an universe of our own and how we’re bound by an energy that flows naturally, without question or compromise.

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Why We Need to Eat Together


Friends who eat together are said to stay together – and this cannot be more true. Gathering together around a table is one way of showing how interested and happy you are to share food with your friends. While it is normal for families to eat together, friends who don’t see each other daily see gastro-conviviality as a great way to catch up. In such moments, the table itself switches its status as mere furniture and becomes a metaphorical axis for friendship around which relationships strengthen, stories unfold, memories build.

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