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Why MÀ?

“Mà” means “hand” in Catalan. The quest for finding the right name started from the word “hand-hands” and its forms in different languages of the world. And there it was, the most simple and poetical shape. Why “hand”? Because everything at Mà is somehow hand-related, from the crafted wood pieces or the walls, to the food itself. Later on, we found out that “mà” means also “us” in Persian. And everything at Mà is us-related.


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When it comes to art and design and their evolution, Belgium has a rich and interesting history. Many revolutionary designers were born in and inspired by this small country. Dealer Lenz Vermeulen has a passion for design and art, its history and the story behind it. At his online shop and gallery City-Furniture.be, he has been selling furniture, lighting and decorative items for over 16 years. He was one of the first dealers with his own online shop and over the years, he has built up a great reputation in his field, both nationally and internationally. Lenz has a great design collection and a phenomenal knowledge of the pieces he sells, and he likes to share the story behind each item with his clients. We asked him to select some Belgian pieces that particularly appeal to him. He chose designers such as Emiel Veranneman and Pieter De Bruyne, and artist Guy Vandenbranden and is happy to enlighten us. Keep Reading


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Interiors is about an interior space that is both physical – i.e. my studio -, and psychic –the artist’s inner space, in general. Hence, the plural. (Arantxa Etcheverria)

Arantxa Etcheverria’s Interiors invite to a subtle and metaphorical journey into the space of her studio itself and the metaphysical realm of the artist’s self alike. Room by room, the itinerant structure of the exhibition unveils and deconstructs the stylistic rapport between Etcheverria and space and spatiality. She graduated from the department of scenography and history of costumes at the National Theatre of Strasbourg after she had previously completed her studies in visual arts at the famous Villa Arson in Nice. Etcheverria had worked as a set-designer in France before she moved to Romania 11 years ago. To accustom herself to Bucharest, she started documenting its architectural details photographically building personal archives while wandering the city streets and neighbourhoods. The old doors and window grills in modernist style exerted a special fascination. This perpetual exercise of framing the reality led to a particular interest in frames – which became a recurrent motif in her artworks. Keep Reading



We no longer travel because it is “the thing” to go abroad. Just at present, as a matter of fact, it is more fashionable to stay at home. But – means permitting – we must travel, and this is for the following reasons:

for health
for education
to get away from things
to realize the limitation of our own views.
to be able to improve  conditions at home
to appreciate the various kinds of beauty in the world
to find our level internationally
to have something to talk about it
to have something to look back upon.
and last, but not least, in order
… to appreciate home.


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