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Apart from the customary 9 months upon my arrival in this world, my very first experience with losing gravity inside a body of water was at Baile Felix (Oradea, Romania) when I was 8 years old. To lose contact with the ground and let your feet do the first desperate kicking, in order to maintain yourself above water is to find, or more likely, to regain a new skill that can give you, for the rest of your life – even while naked -, one of the most satisfying super-powers on Earth. If you strip humans from clothes, gadgets, or any other advanced (internet savvy) technology, the other powerful things left to do is run, jump, walk or crawl.

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One thing is certain in life – everything is dynamic, ever changing, nothing is immobile, static, stable. Human beings, animals, plants, planets, the Universe itself – all go through various stages: growth and maturity, followed by decline, resignation, serenity. A perpetual cycle. Individuals cross each of these thresholds alone – only you can perform the transformations, even though, at times, you can be accompanied, guided, supported by others. Keep Reading

POETRY ROOM | Curator Doru Radu

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Christmas Time
by Ewa Lipska

During Christmas I can finally
turn off the phone.
If the Savior is born,
the neighbor will pop in.

I watch Casablanca 
with the usual
appetite for digression.

I party with solitude,
and drink hot milk with honey.
My sixth finger
types out letters.

I will not write anything anymore.
The rest of the evening
is untouchable.

Translated, from the Polish, by Doru Radu.

Photo: Still from Casablanca (1942) directed by Michael Curtiz

[People & Objects] IOSEFINA FROLU | Fortuny Moda Floor Lamp by Mariano Fortuny


Why did you choose the Fortuny lamp?

The Fortuny lamp is the first important item we purchased for our future home about 6-7 years ago – before we actually had a house and prior to any other acquisitions. My opinion back then – and still holding – was that a beautiful sofa and lamp are absolutely quintessential for a great living-room. The lamp is truly exquisite, like an exotic animal that finds itself in a domestic milieu by some bizarre chance. Keep Reading

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