Why We Need to Eat Together


Friends who eat together are said to stay together – and this cannot be more true. Gathering together around a table is one way of showing how interested and happy you are to share food with your friends. While it is normal for families to eat together, friends who don’t see each other daily see gastro-conviviality as a great way to catch up. In such moments, the table itself switches its status as mere furniture and becomes a metaphorical axis for friendship around which relationships strengthen, stories unfold, memories build.

Time to catch up

Getting together to eat means valuable time spent to catch up with your friends. When eating out, great conversations, good laughs and gossiping (why not?!) at the table make the waiting time for food not seem like forever.

Find a reason to see each other

What better reason to meet your friends than eating together? Always a good idea! Invite them over and cook for them. Sharing food will give you time to chat leisurely and reassert your friendship.

Try New Recipes

Have friends over when you try new recipes. The more the merrier! Certainly, there is always the risk of ruining the new dish, but that will only make a good spiced-up story later. Nothing is wasted.

Improve friendship

Gathering around the table with friends is a nice way to strengthen the bonds, to reaffirm the shared values and principles. The intimacy created by the presence of others in a more quite, familiar space is surely bigger than when meeting in a noisy, crowded bar or pub. The willing to get together over meals may be good indicator of genuine friendship, even if it appears to be rather a common, usual gesture.

If you want to strengthen your friendship, gather around a table and eat with your friends. It is effective!

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